I draw from a variety of concepts and methods such as attachment theory, relational psychoanalytic paradigm, differentiation approach, systems theory,  as well as new concepts originating from neourobiological research that confirm our need for relatedness and safety. Having extensive education and training in these various approaches allows me to put the specific needs and issues of the individual client first rather than fitting the client into a specific framework.

My work is also based on my extensive life experience having worked in different professions and lived in different countries. In order to initiate lasting change and growth the working through of conflicts and deeper understanding of problems has to lead to practical implementations in the real day to day life of the client.

Research shows that the success of therapy depends mainly on the fit between client and therapist and on the therapist's personality rather than on his or her theoretical orientation. The basis for the therapist's ability to connect and work with clients is rooted in his real and varied life experiences and to a lesser degree in the knowledge accumulated in academic institutions.

I am an interactive therapist who works with clients to explore relevant issues and to develop a frame that allows for profound support as well as challenge and deep questioning.

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