Men's Groups

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                                                                            Meeting of small groups of men who support and challenge each other in order to find a healthier, more truthful and vital way to be in the world. We meet once a week for 2 hours. A ten week commitment is necessary.

We explore important issues for men:

 - Male identity in our times

 - What is real masculinity?

 - Men among men: rivals or trusted friends?

 - The testosterone challenge: from anger and aggression to

 - The things men carry: sacrifice, burden, and resilience

 - Our fathers, our sons: turning wounds, betrayal, and grief into
    a valuable and vital legacy

 - The male way of feeling and expressing

 - Males under attack: society, feminism, chauvinism

 - How to deal with women: domesticity, autonomy, intimacy,  
    and desire

 - Commitment: fear, inability and longings

 - Wild at heart: our connection to dreams, creativity, adventure,
    and spirituality

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