Couples Therapy


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One of my specializations is in couples therapy with a focus on intimacy and sexuality. My approach is both supportive and challenging and is based on neurobiological and attachments concepts that confirm that we need the support of a partner in order to be able to work through individual primary core issues. I am trained in the PACT Model developed by Stan Tatkin and have had several years of extensive training with David Schnarch.

I see impasses and breakdowns in long-term relationships as a non-pathological and normal process. Disappointments and disenchantments often lead to excessive arguing, hostility or emotional distancing as well as loneliness in the relationship. Relationship impasses often result from over-accommodation to the partner and/or avoidance of the issues.

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In my work I help partners move from blaming the partner or avoiding the issue to facing her or his own contribution to the breakdown and disconnect. This process enables the couple to find new ways to deal with unavoidable differences and conflicts.

Although it is essential to explore the individual family of origin issues, different value systems and expectations, the focus of the work will be on the  process of the couple and the real life issues that inhibit a fullfiling relationship. We will work on finding effective ways to change the basic dysfunctional dynamic and transform the relationship into one in which both partners can grow.

The emotional gridlock that both partners experience can open the way to the exploration of the underlying long-term individual issues as well as to a new understanding of the unhealthy dynamic the couple has created together. Insecure early attachments and a hostile relational system often prevent the couple from developing good regulational behavior. The injuries from deep misunderstanding and misappraisals can make it difficult for the partners to learn the skills necessary to help each other with the fundamental individual and relational issues. We will tackle these issues in the session and create a new foundation for learning and growth.

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